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scribzee, the free smartphone app that’s revolutionising note management

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You can’t imagine throwing away the notebook you’ve just finished using? Nor can you imagine carrying all your notes with you all the time even through you’d like to be able to read them whenever you need to.

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The free scribzee app allows you to scan, save and easily find the notes from your notebooks or stationery products featuring the specially designed markers that allow for the use of the unique capture technology that was developed and patented in-house by our team of engineers.

From now on you can instantly retrieve and reuse your notes when you need to, rename them, organise them in folders, search the titles using key words, create reminders or even share them from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

With scribzee, give your notes digital powers.

A mobile app for smartphones and an Online version for PC’s, MAC’s and tablets (scribzee Online).
20 000 000
The total number of pages that have been scanned and stored in scribzee.
The App Store rating given to scribzee by its users.
The number of countries where scribzee is used.
The number of notebooks that have been scanned by our top scribzee user.
scribzee was the most searched productivity app on App Store France in August 2018.


Making the lives of our users easier is what drives us every day. The decisions we make and the new features we develop are directly driven by feedback, comments and interviews from the scribzee community about their current and future needs.
We understand, your notes are important. All the notes scanned with scribzee are encrypted and stored on a dedicated and secure cloud accessible with the account login and password.
Your time is precious, and we know you can’t afford to waste any managing your notes. That’s why scribzee takes care of organising your notes by automating the renaming and filing of your notes in the app as much as possible. We’re making your notes work for you.
You don’t need to worry about carrying your notes around with you any more, just in case… They can be retrieved and reviewed on your smartphone whenever and wherever you want.


scribzee is building a world where handwritten notes and digital tools work hand in hand and where each one has a specific, defined role. Handwriting for developing creativity, memorising information and organising ideas. And digital tools to give structure to the information written on the page so that you can retrieve, review, rework your notes wherever you are and whenever you want. In short, with scribzee, give your notes unlimited digital powers.

Launch of our first smartphone apps for note management (SOS Notes, PowerChart, inConnect DayPOP et Pen2Plan). More than 5 million connected notebooks and diaries sold in Europe.
January 2017
Launch of the scribzee mobile app.
April 2017
Launch of the « Alerts » feature to create automatic reminders for your notes.
May 2017
Launch of the « Calendar » feature for scanning and saving compatible diary pages to the cloud and creating reminders.
July 2017
Launch of the « PDF Export » to convert handwritten notes into a multipage PDF file.
September 2017
Launch of the automatic colour detection filing feature available on notebooks with coloured frames or edges.
November 2017
Launch of scribzee Online to access your notes from a tablet, PC or Mac.
December 2017
Launch of the « Memo » feature to scan, save and view sticky notes on your smartphone.
April 2018
Launch of a new search algorithm to improve searching through note titles using key words.
June 2018
Launch of the « Index Cards » feature to allow students to revise their notes more efficiently.
July 2018
Launch of the new scribzee design and colour palette.
September 2018
For the first time the scribzee technology is licensed to a third party.
November 2018
New ‘More options’ menus are implemented within the app to simplify the user experience.
December 2018
Link scanned notes to smartphone calendar events.
January 2019
Launch of scribzee-compatible stationery products in North America under the Hamelin brand.
February 2019
Launch of the “Dashboard” feature to see an overall view of how revision or work tasks are progressing.
January 2020
Launch of the first OXFORD e-commerce website featuring scribzee-compatible revision products.
February 2020
Launch of OXFORD flashcards and the “QUIZ” mode so that students can self-test their knowledge and track their progress.
March 2020
Launch of the “sub-folder” feature for easier organisation.
June 2020
Keyword search in the handwritten content of scanned notes is now available.
October 2020
Launch of the “REVISION mode” for use with flashcards, a feature enabling students to get customised revision sessions for easier.
July 2021
Direct share of scans with your contacts via scribzee.
July 2023
App revamp and launch of a new version.