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Our mission

“At Hamelin, we strongly believe that education is the foundation of personal and professional fulfilment, just as true as handwriting plays a fundamental role in lifelong learning.
Our mission is to create the right conditions for individual and collective progress, while offering sustainable products.”

Eric Joan, CEO, Hamelin Group Management Board Chairman

Our mission is to help everyone learn so that they can progress and fulfil their potential

We believe in the importance of education so that everyone develops the skills that allow them to achieve their potential.

As a major European player in stationery and office products, we help people of all ages learn, work, succeed and grow, thanks to our range of products that facilitate learning processes.

Why choose between paper and digital?

Although digital tools are becoming more and more integrated into learning habits, handwriting remains essential in the educational process. We believe that digital and handwritten tools go hand-in-hand in offering consumers high value-added learning solutions.
This is why we are turning paper into smart paper, by giving our products the power of digital with scribzee, our free mobile application that lets you scan, organise and save your notes in a secure cloud.

In this way, we help the words break out of the page and support students and professionals in their daily life.

Some say paper is dead, that writing notes is a waste of time, especially with a whole world of information just a single click away.
At Oxford, we are convinced that handwriting will continue to exist and be part of everyone’s life as it has for over 6,000 years because it is a fundamental skill for learning and

*Researchers at the Universities of Princeton and California, Pam A. Mueller and Daniel Oppenheimer.

Our obsession is to create products that are inspired by users, ingenious and respectful of our environment.

We are constantly focused on the end user, whose habits and expectations we try to understand.

We are constantly seeking to adapt our products to changes in the world of work, which is undergoing profound change with teleworking in particular, and to changes in education, which is increasingly integrating distance learning, interactivity, group work, learning through games and so on.

Not forgetting our constant concern to reduce the resources used to manufacture a product and to reduce its environmental impact.

We integrate education into everything we do

Create new products that promote proven methodologies

Flashcards are small question-and-answer cards that are ideal for building long-term memory. Combined with features from the scribzee app, they make revision less stressful and more fun.

Oxford Kraft
Informing children about sustainable development in our products

Our notebooks and diaries are everyday companions for pupils and students. Some of our products include useful information to help them understand the challenges of sustainable development.

Supporting education initiatives

Hamelin is a patron of the Moho, a place where students, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and citizens come together to collaborate and take up the challenge of the unprecedented transitions we are facing. Hamelin also supports the MoHo4Young programme, which gives young people aged 8 to 27 the opportunity to lead initiatives in education, inclusion, health, biodiversity, food, energy and the climate, thanks to resources and support.

The Group also supports start-ups in the field of education and handwriting research.

We want to contribute to 7 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • Helping people of all ages to learn, work, succeed and develop, through our product ranges that facilitate the learning process,
  • To inform and educate younger generations about the challenges of sustainable development.
  • Implement energy efficiency solutions for our processes and buildings,
  • Increasing the proportion of renewable energy in our electricity consumption
  • To ensure safe working conditions,
  • Ensure compliance with an internal code of ethics for fair working conditions,
  • Implementing ESG (Environment – Social – Governance) criteria that are audited annually to ensure sustainable economic development.
  • Eco-designing our products and finding innovations to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Introduce alternative plastics in our products (bio-plastics and/or recycled plastics),
  • Use less packaging and better quality for the environment.
  • Measure the carbon emissions of all our activities and decisions,
  • SBTi certification of our carbon reduction targets in line with the Paris Agreement,
  • Reduce our CO2 eq emissions across the 3 scopes.
  • Use paper from sustainably managed forests.
  • Comply with the European and UK Timber Regulations against deforestation and for the traceability of wood.

We are continuing our efforts initiated more than 20 years ago

Our raw materials come from sustainably managed forests that do not contribute to deforestation. FSC® and PEFC certification is a prerequisite for all our paper and board purchases, and we expect all our paper suppliers to follow the same environmental guidelines.
Today, 99.6% of the certified wood fiber used to make our stationery comes from sources that are sustainably managed or controlled against illegal timber.
We have introduced new standards (ISO 14044) to reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle. We also played an active role in the creation of Europe's first eco-label, which guarantees the reduction of the environmental footprint of paper products throughout their life cycle.
Today, 82% of OXFORD eco-labelled writing products are certified by the EU Eco-label.
In 2016, OXFORD became the first notebook brand to obtain EU Ecolabel certification for its products.
Today, 82% of OXFORD ecolabelled notebooks, pads and diaries are certified by the EU Ecolabel.
All our sites have been QHSE (Quality, Health & Safety, Environment) certified, and some of them, such as our German plant, are now also ISO 50 001 for energy management. This demonstrates our ongoing efforts to adopt the best practices recognised by international standards.
Today, 85% of our European sites are ISO 9001/14001/45001 certified.
We have defined a company-wide approach to measure the carbon footprint of all our activities and define a low-carbon trajectory by 2030. This approach will enable us to draw up a cross-functional action plan for all our businesses and activities.
The aim is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 26% by 2030, compared with 2021 levels.
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