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Consumer Insights Manager

Agathe, France

At the age of 25, with a Master’s Degree in Marketing behind her, the effervescent Agathe recently joined the Hamelin Campus team. Her job? She’s a Consumer Insights Manager. Agathe’s the best person to talk to about her work!


Understanding consumers is at the heart of my mission

My goal is to understand consumers’ needs, frustrations and desires so as to help the marketing teams to develop products and features, particularly on the SCRIBZEE® application, that really meet our users’ expectations. The consumer truly lies at the heart of our approach to innovation.

I don’t have a typical day!

What I particularly like about my job is the diversity of the tasks. No typical day for me! … but I still have to follow certain important steps: I study the market, I explore consumers’ new uses and practices, I meet users in the field and I interview them using different survey methods, and then I structure and analyse everything to propose recommendations for adapting our products and services.


Think outside the box!

I appreciate the methodical side of my job, having to follow the important steps… but what I like most of all is getting out of the box! One of the essential qualities for this job is empathy and listening, so as not to fall back on any assumptions you may have. When we talk about a situation, we have lots of prior prejudices and opinions. The Consumer Insights Manager has to escape from their way of thinking, get rid of their biases and allow themselves to be guided by the consumer. And that sometimes leads me along paths that I’d completely put aside or not even noticed!

The taste for challenges

I love challenges! As my position is new, everything still has to be built (the working methods, the tools), and I often have to question the way I work in order to adapt to the needs of Hamelin’s consumers and teams. I test new dynamics and new ways of working by means of, for example, the implementation of Design Thinking to learn to think differently and to take a step towards breaking the moulds.


Be attentive and empathetic towards the consumer. Don’t try to impose your opinions and reach beyond your prejudices, even if it sometimes means getting into difficulties! And you also have to be a bit mad to think outside the box.